Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy presents: PayPal Me. A blog of samples where you can directly hire me as a freelancer without 3rd party involvement. Take your journey and contact me as you soon as you get an inspiration

Man of talents, Muhammad Nurman is ready to teach you bahasa Indonesian on Skype. Maybe we can discuss much about business, especially art and design, including video making and whiteboard animation or seo. However, the mastery of language, that's what's supposed to be the objective above all, agree?

Contact man2sting on Skype and I will have a face-to-face free lesson trial with you there without wearing Spiderman mask at all, because you don't like this dull joke, do you? However, if you are kind of person of humor, keep that sense and just say, "Hey, Muhammad Nurman, aren't you tired of being narcissistic promoting yourself over and over again on the Internet? After Indonesian seo expert, now Indonesian teacher?

Let's skip with this subconscious mind of mine myself. I'd rather like lead you to my other blog, that is learn Indonesian language for free for a warm up before you decide to hire me as your teacher. You can find Skype direct link there where you can dial right away and see what Muhammad Nurman is like. Maybe it's a bit darker in a room belonging to the Prince of the Night, lol!

It is for you to know, having been teaching English for 14 years, I hesitate to force you to become a linguist when it comes to Indonesian language mastery. No way, Muhammad Nurman is allergic to teaching traditional method. I will never have you see me fill up a whiteboard on Skype describing you a complicated formula as precisely as when you learn maths. That never happens.

If you happen to hear about the Communicative Approach method and you like applying it, you can imagine yourself from now on, that, not only bahasa Indonesia that you can speak fluently, but also any other foreign languages systematically and direct as well. Well, teaching cannot better than that, I guess.

Okay guys, Muhammad Nurman your Skype Indonesian teacher only writes this short article. If you're looking for partnership for any other expertise of mine, here, be my guess.

How about this style of caricature for only $10 per piece? It's good for birthday present, company event or blog recognition. I am looking forward to your offer and--bidding!
Are you writing a story book children? Need some images to make it beautiful? Try me. It's only $50 for 10 pictures. All copyright materials are going to be yours. Below is one example of the style that has never been published anywhere but only on my network. You can send me a sample and I can create the one as you expect. Look forward to your response, readers.


children book illustration for $50

Your blog looks boring with no pictures? Now with only $5 you can have a funny high quality photoshop image for your blog, black and white or colorful at any size.

The illustration becomes the property of yours and it is copyrighted. I am not allowed to use it, not even for promoting back here on this blog.

Below is one of the samples. More samples you can visit Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancyAlternatively, you can have cheaper image created with Microsoft Paint. It's only $1 per piece. Or, wanna bid?
funny image for blog
Whiteboard animation is an effective way of product campaign online. It's simple, efficient and fun. You can upload it to YouTube, Vimeo and any other video sites on the Internet besides having it as your personal.file. The following is one sample of whiteboard animations that I have to tickle your fancy.
If you are interested in this kind of promotion, you can hire me directly here only for $100 per minute, that will include: 
  • HD quality video 
  • Voice over 
  • Free royalty music 
  • Revision
More samples including the story board click here

This one is an official blog of mine It's best for Product Review On Spoof Blog? It's totally 4 years old including when it used platform. It's Google PR2 by now, and is improving, I believe.

What I can offer you.

1. Min 300-word Blog post content
2. Reciprocal link to your site
3. Free image
4. Free content promotion through facebook, twitter, stumbleupon
It's only $10, no more

Review the blog, click Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy

I'm very Interested in freelance illustration and design opportunities and my prices are cheap and very reasonable. I'm open to bidding though, if you insists. More about me and my blogging activities, visit my blog Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy

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