Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy presents: PayPal Me. A blog of samples where you can directly hire me as a freelancer without 3rd party involvement. Take your journey and contact me as you soon as you get an inspiration

Assign Me

Not finding what you need? Want to give me a special assignment to meet your deadline, instead? Set your budget and discuss it with me. You can also give me a test, a trial or send me samples of what you need.

Consider the list of my homework to be

1. Blogging outreach
2. Caricature
3. English to Indonesian translation
4. Comic book
5. Indonesian voice over
6. Banner Ad
7. Video editing
8. Whiteboard Animation
9. Pictures/Images for blog

For further inquiries, go to the right side bar and fill in the form of TALK TO ME FIRST? OK!

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I'm very Interested in freelance illustration and design opportunities and my prices are cheap and very reasonable. I'm open to bidding though, if you insists. More about me and my blogging activities, visit my blog Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy

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