Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy presents: PayPal Me. A blog of samples where you can directly hire me as a freelancer without 3rd party involvement. Take your journey and contact me as you soon as you get an inspiration

Micro Jobs

Paypal me $1 and you can assign me for anything that you think I deserve it.

  • Blog commenting
  • Put a link to High PR blog
  • Doodling/sketch
  • Like Facebook Page, follow twitter, etc
  • Type for you
  • Short translating from English to Indonesian 
  • Testimony
  • You name it ......
But I don't click ads, especially Adsense, that won't make you rich quickly if you ask me so.

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I'm very Interested in freelance illustration and design opportunities and my prices are cheap and very reasonable. I'm open to bidding though, if you insists. More about me and my blogging activities, visit my blog Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy

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