Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy presents: PayPal Me. A blog of samples where you can directly hire me as a freelancer without 3rd party involvement. Take your journey and contact me as you soon as you get an inspiration


Question: How do I hire you?

Answer: You can contact me through the contact form available at the right sidebar of this blog, write what project you like me to do, your budget and the deadline. After we make a deal and the contract is about to get started, you can send my payment at the Paypal widget provided below the form.

Question: Can I send an attachment of sample or something to test you? If so where to ?
Answer: Yes, you can. Send it to or

Question: Do you mind if I test you, first?
Answer; Not at all, sure, go ahead.

Question: How long can you complete each project promoted here?
Answer: For artworks, including cartoon, caricature, banner,etc, product review, whiteboard animation, all are less than a week--or even a day or two. When your start to hire me and I happen to be online or on holidays I can complete it ASAP. You just tell me the deadline.

Question: What time are you available?
Answer: Jakarta time Monday to Friday from 06:00 am to 09:00 and 21:00 to 23:00  Saturday 06:00 am to 07:00 and 17:00 to 23:00 I generally have longer and flexible time on Sundays and holidays (I hardly ever go out)

Question: How can I contact you while you're mobile?
Answer: You can contact me through Skype, my nickname is man2sting but I prefer you reach me through I am always on standby. I can reply you at once.

Question: Can I put a down payment on any projects?
Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot. I prefer you pay me cash in advance and send it to my Paypal account provided below the form.

Question: How can you make me sure that you're not taking my money without doing my project?
Answer: This site is my credibility and my future luck, and I won't ruin my dream by becoming a cheater for some amount of money which might be smaller than I except for a long-term career.

Question: What if your works don't meet my satisfaction?
Answer: Before you start to hire me, better give me clear direction, provide sample or give me a test. If there's something wrong after the turnaround, I'll do unlimited revisions.

Question: Have you any successful works you can convince me here as proof, including your clients' feedback?
Answer: I joined Elance, Guru and, I like the latter best; you can see me there with the feedback through this link. You can also hire me there if you like.

Question: Is there any possibility that I will get my project done late?
Answer: Not really, all might happen accidentally, like, for example, if I get sick, or my computer's stolen, got burned, etc. If I agree with the deadline and I cannot meet it due to the above mentioned question, I will send back your money.

Question: Will you send back my money for those reasons above only? Can I have back the money if I change my mind and cancel it in the middle of the contract?
Answer: Professionally, when it's a deal it's a deal, no cancellation after the agreement and you cannot have your money back.

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